Publications and Preprints

  • E. Bersson, P. Hurtgen, and M. Paustian, “Bounded Rationality, Sticky Prices, and the Zero Lower Bound”. Journal of Money, Banking, and Credit. 2023. [ pdf ]

  • E. Bersson and P.D. Hoff, “Bayesian Covariance Estimation for Multi-group Matrix-variate Data”. 2023. [ pdf - code ]

  • E. Bersson and P.D. Hoff, “Optimal Conformal Prediction for Small Areas”. 2022. [ pdf - code ]

Working Papers

  • E. Bersson, M. Lee, R. Lu, Z. Chen, and S. Zhao, “Comparison of frequentist and Bayesian penalization methods for environmental mixture analyses”. In preparation.
  • E. Bersson and P.D. Hoff, “Bayes-Optimal Prediction Sets for Categorical Data”. In preparation.