I recently had to re-create my website, and it was difficult enough to remember how I customized it that I thought it would be useful to write down the steps I took.

  1. Follow the al-folio README instructions to get set-up. @alshediva keeps it pretty up to date. I found it complicated the process to try to take advantage of outside how-to sources for the initial set-up.

  2. Go through the _config.yml file and make what should be obvious personlization edits.

    a. Change the following line:

    imagemagick: // enabled: false
  3. Add your CV to a assets/pdf/CV.pdf and your picture to assets/img/prof_pic.jpg.

  4. For my CV formatting, replace the text in _layouts/cv.html with the following:

    --- layout: default ---
    { { page.title } } 
    { { page.description } }
  5. Re-name and re-order all your pages by editing the header in their respective file in the _pages directory.

  6. Customize your blog

    • In _config.yml, change pagination // enabled = FALSE to remove the blog entirely. If you’re keeping the blog, remove the lines under external_sources:.
    • To re-order the location of the blog page navigation, move the appropriate block in _includes/header.html.
    • Empty the _posts directory.